Quevos Egg White Chips, Sour Cream & Onion Flavor

No artificial flavors. 8 g protein. 4 g fiber. 4 g net carbs. Gluten free. Low carb. Paleo friendly. Made from avocado oil. Made from egg whites. The gluten free, grain free, keto friendly snack made from egg whites that provides a good source of protein & fiber with healthy fats from avocados and chia seeds. Quevos have it all. As a type on diabetic, I was hungry to find delicious snacks that worked for me, but all I saw were options loaded with sugar and lacking fiber and protein. I saw the potential to make a better option - by using egg whites instead of potatoes or tortillas - so I took matters into my own hands. After years of hard work with my co-founder Nick, we arrived at a snack unlike any that came before it! - Zack & Nick. No artificial preservatives. quevos.com. (hashtag)eatquevos. (at)eatquevos. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter.