J. Lohr Chardonnay, Arroyo Seco Monterey 750 ml

Riverstone Chardonnay is grown in our vineyards in the cool Arroyo Seco region of central Monterey County, one of few appellations in California that produce world class Chardonnay. Our Riverstone Chardonnay has aromas of grapefruit and nectarine with layers of rich, complex flavors to accompany seafood and cream sauced pasta dishes. J. Lohr Estates wines are best characterized by their intense flavor and remarkable balance. Jerry Lohr practices the French system of planting each grape variety in its ideal appellation. With over 3,000 acres of vineyards, quality control is ensured from selection of optimum rootstock and clones through all facets of artisan winemaking. Each of these steps is focused on one goal - flavor second to none. Alc. 13.5% by vol. Produced and bottled by J. Lohr Winery, San Jose, CA.