The house ghost has found an old camera in the basement of the castle. In addition, he has put everything on sensitive plate that he likes to make disappear while haunting ... and also himself of course. Unfortunately, the enchanted camera takes many pictures in the wrong color. Sometimes the green bottle is white, then blue. When he looks at the photos, he becomes so confused that he no longer knows what to do magic away. Can you help him and name the right object or even make it disappear for him? One card is turned over each round. The players now have to grab or call the searched item as quickly as possible. Whoever does that the fastest gets the card. Who will win the most cards? Five objects are arranged in a circle on the table, so that everyone has good access to them. One player turns over the top card. Each player now tries as quickly as possible to grab the object from the table that is depicted in the correct color on this card. If no object of the correct color is depicted on the card, the players must grab the object that is not depicted on the card and whose color is not visible on the card. The first person to grab the correct object places the face-down card on the table in front of him as a reward and then turns over the next card from the face-down pile. Whoever has the most cards at the end wins the game. Age from 6 years.