**This is the Dutch version of Trivial Pursuit.** The classic Trivial Pursuit Family Edition game. Answer the questions, win wedges and the game! With question cards for children and adults, so that it is fun for everyone. The fast question and answer game for the whole family is completely up-to-date with 2400 new questions divided over 400 cards. With this renewed, fast version of the popular Trivial Pursuit family edition you can already win a slice on every square. Play individually or in teams, move your playing piece around the board and win wedges if you answer the questions correctly. With the following categories: Geography, Entertainment, History, Science & Nature, Art & Literature and Sports & Leisure, everyone has an expertise. This game is a celebration of recognition, laughter and learning: specially made for you and your family or friends. **Pay attention! This is the Dutch version of Trivial Pursuit.**