Stratego Original: Attack and capture the flag! Time and again Lieutenant Jan Zonderland tries to conquer the flag of the Redcoats together with his comrades. The Blue Shirts army has already weakened considerably, but the men are not giving up. Do you want to help the lieutenant defeat the Redcoats army? The Blauwshirts count on a smart strategist like you! The goal of this classic board game is to capture your opponent's flag while guarding your own. Fortunately, you are not alone; you have an entire army at your disposal, plus a seductive spy and six bombs. First you devise a secret position for your men, after which the exciting battle starts. To capture the flag, proceed to attack. The ranks of the playing pieces determine whether you win ... or clear the field. But there is even more danger. Because as soon as your playing piece hits a bomb, the end is practice! Are you brave enough for endless strategic gaming fun? Then go to war with this renewed version of Stratego! DETAILS • With the original pre-printed game pieces • Get started quickly with the Stratego quick start guide ... • ... And the secret practice mission to quickly familiarize yourself with the ranks and game rules