This fast compact dice game Earthworms can be played anytime and anywhere. It does not take more than half an hour and the format ensures that you can put it at home, on the train or on the camping table. Anyone who can count to 36 can participate! When it is your turn, you roll 8 dice. You now put all dice with the same number or with a worm aside. Then you roll the remaining dice and now put all dice with a different number aside. If your total is greater than 20 and you have thrown at least one worm, you may take the tile with that number from the table or even from another player! But if you take too much risk and you only throw numbers that you have already taken, then you are finished and you have to hand in a stone. There are a number of earthworms on each stone. Whoever has the most earthworms at the end of the game is the winner.