In this thrilling Fortnite edition of the Monopoly game, you claim locations, take on opponents and avoid the storm to survive. The gameplay, design and elements of the board game contain elements inspired by the game Fortnite, including locations and loot maps. Instead of Monopoly money, players earn Health Points (HP). First, choose a character: there are 27 awesome outfits to choose from. Then it is time to fight. The action die allows players to collect health packs, build walls and damage their opponents. The storm is unleashed every time a player passes the start. If you don't avoid the storm, you lose HP. As with the video game, the last player standing wins! Contains game board, 27 cardboard outfits with pawns, 15 storm cards, 16 location cards, 16 loot cards, 8 wall cards, 1 numbered die, 1 action die with labels, 110 Health Point tokens and game rules. Note: This version contains an English manual. For the Dutch manual, please refer to