The Catan base game is the latest edition of the well-known trading game. The game now includes thumbnails and the artwork has been completely modified. This way you can immerse yourself even more in the world of Catan! In 1999, this popular trading game was voted Toy of the Year. The game is fun for everyone because of the interaction, the touch of luck and the tactical possibilities. You start with 2 villages on a variable game board with fields, meadows, hills, mountains and forests. When it is your turn, roll 2 dice to determine who gets resources. That depends on the position of your villages. After that you can trade with the bank or with your fellow players. You do not get all types of raw materials. And you do need them to build new villages, streets and cities. You can also buy development cards to complete special promotions. There is also a highwayman who robs some landscapes. Villages and cities not only provide resources, but are also worth points. Development cards, the longest continuous route and the greatest knight force also bring in points. Whoever gets 10 points first wins the game immediately!