Goya Rice Primavera, Spring Vegetables & Cheddar 7 oz

Low fat. Trans free. Cholesterol free. For microwave instruction. See inside pouch. Just taste what Goya has done with rice now! We call it Goya Rice Primavera, and its a side dish sensation! Full of spring vegetables - green peas, scallions, onions and red bell peppers - flavored with chicken and cheddar and with our long grain rice. Serve it alongside roast chicken, roast pork, fish sticks, shrimp, spare ribs, meat loaf, even franks! It makes every old standby new again and more delicious than ever! Goya Rice Primavera, one more way Goya brings great taste to your table. For all the foods, recipes and cuisines of Latin Americam visit goya.com the ultimate resource for Latino cooking.