Purina Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food, Flaked Tuna Feast - 3 oz. Can

Calorie content (calculated): 1175 kcal/kg, 100 kcal/can. Fancy feast flaked tuna feast is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO cat food nutrient profiles for all life stages. 100% complete & balanced. Every ingredients has a purpose. fancyfeast.com/ingredients. Aluminum recyclable. Dolphin Safe. Bring the flavors of the sea to your cat's dish with Purina Fancy Feast Flaked Tuna Feast wet cat food. Flaked bites of tuna make this gourmet cat food a true feast for your feline friend, and the tender texture tempts her to her dish at mealtime. With its appealing appearance, this Fancy Feast recipe keeps your cat interested during feedings, and the high-quality ingredients deliver an exceptional level of taste. Essential vitamins and minerals in every serving help to support her overall health and wellness, so she's ready to explore her world every day. Feel good about the foods you serve to your cat when you fill her dish with this canned wet cat food, and show her just how much you care about her health and happiness. Expand your cat's culinary horizons with our other Fancy Feast Flaked recipes, including Chicken and Tuna Feast or Fish and Shrimp Feast, and let her delight in the rich flavors found in every can.; Make mealtime memorable when you serve Purina Fancy Feast Flaked Tuna Feast wet cat food to your special feline friend. She's sure to love the taste of delicious tuna, and the small flaked bites are easy for her to chew and swallow. Each serving contains 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition, so you can rest easy knowing she's getting the nourishment she needs along with a taste she loves. Pique her interest when you open a can of this aromatic gourmet wet cat food, and watch as she savors every scrumptious bite. For cats who crave different tastes and textures to keep mealtime interesting, explore our full menu of Fancy Feast gourmet wet and dry cat food offerings, and set her taste buds off on a delicious adventure. For over 80 years, Purina has been committed to creating outstanding food for pets, balancing nutrition with flavor and presentation for quality wet and dry foods. Because we know each cat is unique in her own way, we strive to create recipes for every cat's taste preferences. We formulate all our recipes to meet or exceed every state and federal guideline for pet food, and our team of experts performs hourly quality and safety checks at each step in the production process to give you added peace of mind. Sustainability is a core concept for Purina pet foods, and we see that through by working toward a commitment to environmentally responsible ingredient sourcing and eco-friendly packaging. Each can of this delectable wet cat food is recyclable, so your cat food purchases can have a positive impact on the world around you. Serve a bowl of delicious Purina Fancy Feast Flaked Tuna Feast wet cat food to give your sophisticated cat a special gourmet meal, and let her know just how important she is to you.; Give in to your cat's cravings with Purina Fancy Feast Flaked Tuna Feast wet cat food. Tender tuna delivers a pleasing texture and gourmet flavor, giving your cat more to love in every tasty bite.