Fiora Bath Tissue, Soft + Strong, Double+ Rolls, Lavender Scent, 2 Ply 12 Ea

Septic safe (Based on water dispersibility test results) everywhere. Comfortable. Affordable. Sustainable. Smart feels good. 70% more 2-ply sheets (Than the leading brand's double rolls based on total reported Nielsen US sales, 26 wks, week ending 5/16/20). Hey there, smart and economical person who also cares about the planet. Did you know that Fiora is soft, strong, and long-lasting? And to freshen things up, we also have added lavender scent on the core. Our toilet paper is septic and sewer safe and is 100% PEFC Certified. We're committed to using sustainable sourcing practices and PEFC is an internationally recognized standard of sustainable forest management. So, it's okay to brag to the person next to you that you use Fiora. PEFC Certified: This product is from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.