Cinnabon Cereal, Cinnamon Roll 8.7 oz

The fan-favorite Kellogg’s Cinnabon Breakfast Cereal is back. Lose yourself on a cinnamon-sugar and sweet frosting flavor journey of crispy, bakery-inspired cereal that delivers both the sweetness and nostalgia of Cinnabon's iconic Cinnamon Pastries. Discover the same Cinnabon taste you know and love, but bite sized. Take your spoon on a cinnamon dip and savor the swirl-shaped cereal; Each serving provides a good source of seven vitamins and minerals and 11g of whole grains per 40g serving. Enjoy with your favorite dairy or nut milk. Treat yourself to a late-night bowl of bakery-inspired Cinnabon Cereal while watching your favorite movie. Have these Cinnabon Cereal swirls on an easy morning, or grab a bowl before heading out the door. Get caught in a spiral of sweet and crunchy bliss with Cinnabon bakery-inspired Breakfast Cereal.