Crystal Geyser® Natural Alpine Spring Water® 1 gal. Bottle

Bottled at the source. Bottled at the source, of course. Look closely at our source map on each bottle of Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water and locate our origins. No one else shows you a source map. We do because it's easy to tell the truth. Crystal Geyser bottles 100% of its water at the spring source; we're the only national spring water that does. Please recycle. Find us on Facebook. American Forests Making a difference: CG Roxane is a proud sponsor of American Forests' tree-planting for environmental restoration. Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water: Always bottled at the spring to ensure quality, taste and freshness. There is a difference. For more information and to obtain additional consumer information relating to water quality, including a bottled water report, contact CG Roxane LLC at 1-800-4-GEYSER. Comments? 1-800-4-GEYSER.