Garden Of The Andes Herb Tea, Chamomile

100% certified organic. USDA organic. All natural. Caffeine free. Straight from our garden to you. Our tea bags have a double chamber of filter paper that ensures a quick infusion and yields the purest and richest flavor. An individual sealed envelope protects each of them. The 100% recyclable cellophane preserves the purity and freshness of the content. We are family owned since 1875 and we are vertically integrated. Garden of the Andes Organic Herbal Tea is planted, harvested, dried and packed in our own facilities. We offer you, the unique experience of enjoying tea brought to you by our family with the same care and attention to quality that our great grandparents did in 1875. Not just organically certified, our herbs are carefully cultivated in the fertile valleys of Chile's Andes Mountains using the most advanced organic techniques. Fed by the purest mountain water rich in minerals, the leaves and the flowers are harvested by hand to preserve the essence of the individual herbs. Once dried and processed, we pack and ship them at the peak of freshness straight from our garden to you for exquisite flavor and aroma. Garden of the Andes is committed solely to organic farming because it is the perfect balance between nature, business and community. Our commitment extends to our associates and their families, by providing education, health and retirement benefits. We think it's the right thing to do. IMO Control - Institute for marketecology. Certified by IMO-SCESP. Certified organic by the Institute for Marketecology . Product of Chile.