Capri Sun® Pacific Cooler, Mountain Cooler and Splash Cooler Flavored Juice Drink Blend Variety Pack, 40 ct Box, 6 fl oz Pouches

Grab a little juicy freedom this spring with Capri Sun® Cooler Juice Drink Blends — perfect for school lunches, picnics at the park and everyday hydration. Made with the all-natural sweetener, monk fruit, our juice drink blend variety pack features an assortment of fun flavors that are joyfully refreshing. Kids love the taste of Capri Sun®, now with half the sugar vs leading regular juice drinks. We never add artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or high-fructose corn syrup to our pouches. Our 40 count variety pack contains 20 Pacific Cooler, 10 Mountain Cooler and 10 Splash Cooler flavored juices. Each 6 fluid ounce pouch comes with a straw so they're ready for kids to squeeze and sip. Unleash kids' independence with a ready-to-drink Capri Sun®.