Oikos Pro Yogurt, Ultra Filtered Milk, Cultured, Vanilla 32 Oz

Go Pro with Oikos Pro Vanilla Yogurt Cultured Ultra-Filtered Milk Product, the spoonable high protein snack with more of what you want, and less of what you don’t. Every 6 oz serving contains 0g added sugar,* nine essential amino acids, and vitamin D and calcium for strong bones. Our ultra-filtered dairy product packs a punch with 23g of protein per 6 oz serving, so you can always have dependable, high protein snacks. Because when you feel strong, you are unstoppable. With protein and deliciousness, these healthy snacks for adults can help you strive to reach your potential with every serving. Pack a vanilla yogurt snack for days that start at a sprint and enjoy a delicious boost of protein at lunch, add a creamy boost to your protein shake, or throw in your favorite fruit for an extra refreshing snack. Need 0g added sugar,* 0 artificial sweeteners, and 0% fat? Try Oikos Triple Zero with 15g of protein per serving. Want the creamy one with the fruit chunks? Oikos Blended has you covered. Oikos — Stronger Makes Everything Better (R). *Not a low-calorie food.