This beer is vegan. Employee owned. 5 Srm gold. 55 Ibu. 1.012 Final gravity. Mosaic. Simcoe. Ekuanot. Denali. Eureka. Nugget. Hops two row. Oats. White wheat malts Orderville is a hazy ipa that blends the fruit-forward character of mosaic & denali hops with the resinous stickiness found in a melange of dank varieties. The resulting beer is immensely rad, with an unmistakably bangin aroma and a fully saturated hop flavor and finish. The juicy body provides a base-layer upon which the massive, incredibly delicious hop character is built, inviting your taste buds to join a drum circle of flavor in a magical forest of hops. Ball. Eo: Employee-owned certified. Certified brewers association independent craft. Twitter (at)Moderntimesbeer. Facebook Moderntimesisyourfriend. Instagram moderntimesbeer. 100% recycled & recyclable. Pcr r hdpe. 55 5 Alc. 7.2% by vol. Brewed In San Diego