Simply Asia Singapore Street Noodles, Classic Curry, Hot

Pre-cooked thin rice noodles & sauce with vegetables No artificial flavors Gluten free. Ready in 3 minutes. Microwaveable. Come on a flavor journey to Singapore, where street food vendors prepare an array of mouth-watering dishes from all over the far east. Inspired by this melting pot cuisine, we bring you tender-cooked thin rice noodles with classic curry sauce made with creamy coconut milk and a fragrant spice blend of turmeric, cumin and chilies. At home or on-the-go, simply Asia Singapore street noodle bowls will satisfy your Asian craving in minutes. Simply Asia is real Asian. Real fast. We welcome your questions & suggestions. Call 1-800-967-8424. Email information(at) For delicious recipes visit: Try our simply Asia brands. Thai kitchen. Simply Asia. Product of China.