Ben's Original Premium-quality rice that cooks perfectly every time. Ben's Original™ Long Grain White Rice is enriched with vitamins and iron and naturally fat free. 5 lb

BEN'S ORIGINAL Enriched Parboiled Long Grain White Rice brings an iron- and vitamin-rich meal to your entire family; a perfect combination of classic flavor and firm texture to please the palate. Partially steam-cooked before being dried, this parboiled rice works as an ideal complement to a variety of cooked rice dishes, delivering a fat-free source of deliciousness to any diet. A busy schedule or an active lifestyle pose no problems — this long grain white rice allows for quick, simple preparation. Combine the long grain rice and water in a saucepan, bring the water to full boil before reducing the heat and letting the rice simmer for about 20 minutes. If you prefer a softer rice texture, use more water and increase the cooking time. Fluff with a fork before serving, and enjoy delectable whole grains of white rice with friends and family. This bagged rice works as part of a nourishing salad when paired with nuts and vegetables. Consider ground cumin or turmeric if you're aiming for aromatic flavors. Alternatively, whip up a yummy desert by mixing the rice with milk, sugar and ground cinnamon to create a sweet rice pudding that's bound to delight the youngsters. Made with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, this BEN'S ORIGINAL Parboiled Long Grain White Rice lets you serve an appetizing, wholesome meal to your loved ones. BEN'S ORIGINAL is dedicated to creating meals and experiences that offer everyone a seat at the table.